Other Ceremonies

Anniversaries, Coming of Age, Divorce, Engagements, Memorial Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows…

You may have reached a milestone in your life, or in the life of your children or loved ones, where you would like to mark the occasion. Or an important birthday where you might want to express something about your journey to this point and celebrate with the people who have travelled with you along the way.

You may have a special anniversary where you want everyone to know how important your loved one is to you but would find it too emotional to say so yourself in front of people. As an independent celebrant I can offer you help and guidance with this.

In today’s society, some couples choose to end a marriage after many years together. Perhaps when their children have flown the nest. It is not unusual for those couples to want to remain friends when they move on to explore other aspects of their lives. Equally, some relationships that end need to have done so and, for some, this might be a great cause of celebration. Whatever the reason, I can provide a sensitive and helpful ceremony to mark the occasion.

Indeed, whatever the event, I am able to help you find the right words, the right touch and the delivery that you would like.